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Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a highly effective system of muscle-testing the functioning of the key organs and glands of the body using acupuncture reflex points.

The system detects sub-clinical infections, toxicity, or nutritional deficiencies that are causing symptoms and disease in the body, and provides the personalized protocols needed to resolve infections, erase symptoms, and restore health.  These include parasite, yeast, fungal, bacterial, viral, and heavy metal clearing programs.


QRA identifies specific nutritional deficiencies, which are commonplace because of the use of chemicals and fertilizers in the growing of agricultural crops, as well as the use of genetically engineered foods.  Soil is now overworked to the extent that the nutritional content of fruit and vegetables has declined twenty-fold in the last fifty years.

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Poor diet and eating habits, as well as the quality of food, play a significant role in the nation’s most common diseases, such as coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and many others.  All nutritional supplement protocols are tailored to the unique needs of each patient.


QRA offers special support for the resolution of interference fields caused by physical trauma or scars. These interference fields not only result in compromised energy flow through the local area of the scar or trauma, but they can also “reflex” to other parts of the body causing disruption of energy flow there.

C-sections, for example, can potentially contribute to a range of problems - from abdominal weight retention to ovarian cysts.  Episiotomy scars from childbirth can reflex to the kidneys and adrenals, causing problems there.  Protocols using medicinal clay and castor oil packing restore energy flow to these injury and scars sites, preventing and restoring numerous health problems.

As part of my commitment to promoting radiant health and healing, I have advanced training in QRA and I’m a Certified QRA Practitioner.

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“I have been a patient of Emma's on and off for about twelve years. I have mostly worked with her on aches and pains, acid stomach, and other similar uncomfortable ailments using her pure nutritional supplements. I have seen a big improvement in my health which I have retained over years.  I especially like the way Emma uses muscle-testing, so the body can say exactly what needs to be balanced or corrected, including the exact doses needed. This will sound strange if you're not used to muscle-testing, but it is highly accurate and efficient. As Dr. Seuss says of green eggs and ham, "Try it, try it, you will see." Emma's intuition is spot on, and you can see this especially in her expert use of Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET, which is wonderful at clearing emotional and other blocks from the deep subconscious. I am grateful to have Emma as my alternative health practitioner.”

- Mary G.

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