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Radiant Health and Healing

Healing Devices

I use two healing devices which greatly enhance and complement the other cutting edge services I provide.

Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

The Quantum Scalar Wave Laser is a healing cold wave laser. It can be used for a range of health issues including breaking down scar tissue, relieving pain, and resolving infection.

The Healy

The Healy is the first personal healing device to be launched in the world. It is a handheld device that has hundreds of programs to target issues from pain and sleep to organ, meridian, and gland balance. 


The device takes a thumbprint (each time it's used) and records the vibrational frequency of the user. It then provides a reading and suggested treatment protocol and downloads energetic treatment frequencies via one or two phone apps. 


The Healy can also read the aura and provide a chakra assessment and treatment also downloaded through the phone.


The device is FDA-approved for pain.


Personal healing devices are the healing technology of the future.

the healy; a healing device
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