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About Emma Sharp, LAc, MTOM, M.A.
Radiant Health and Healing Services

I believe that health is a constantly evolving, dynamic process that requires new tools to stay ahead of the increasing and powerful threats presented by our environment.  I am trained in a range of disciplines which enable me to craft the best treatment plans for my patients to achieve deeper healing.  


I assist patients in improving auto immune disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory issues, genitourinary, hormone and fertility issues, and many more conditions. I am 100 percent committed to my patients healing, and it is my mission to empower people around their health. 


I hold a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperors College Santa Monica, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I also hold a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the world pioneers in the spiritual psychology field, the University of Santa Monica. 


Over the course of my 20-year practice, I’ve gained additional training in the University of Santa Monica’s Consciousness, Health and Healing program and I’m a certified coach. In addition to my Traditional Chinese Medicine training, I’m a Certified Practitioner of Quantum Reflex Analysis, a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique, and a Certified NAET Associate with extensive training in Functional Medicine.


Always seeking wider holistic modalities, I am trained in the use of homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, aromatherapy, reflexology, and massage therapy, which I incorporate into my treatments when appropriate.


In addition to my clinical practice, I teach and lecture on health throughout Los Angeles and I have been featured on radio and television.

I offer free, 15-minute consultations to potential new clients.

emma sharp; acupuncturist
cup of tea on top of a traditional asian picture

“Emma is a true healer. You will have work to do, taking supplements and detoxing, along with whatever other protocol she suggests for your disease. I never thought I could be healed because the doctors and dentists I went to only suggested products that would mask the discomfort I felt. Emma was able to heal me, and I know whatever your ailment is, she can heal you, too.”

- Mary R.

“Emma has been wonderful at helping me maintain my overall health. I have been seeing Emma for almost 2 years now, she has helped me avoid having my gallbladder removed as well as helped keep me off blood pressure medication. I highly recommend her giving you acupuncture as I have a torn Rotator cuff and my shoulder feels brand new when the sessions are done.”

- Jeremy W.

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